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MBA Global Business & Sustainability

The Tangaza University College MBA Global Business & Sustainability – Social Entrepreneurship, is an international degree aimed at supporting active and aspiring entrepreneurs to start or scale business and projects that have a significant social or environmental impact.

The MBA programme is structured as a development process conceived to equip entrepreneurs with: Solid and proven business knowledge & competencies, sound business planning skills and access to potential investors and partners.

MA Social Transformation

The Tangaza University Master of Arts (MA) in Social Transformation programme is the first ever of its kind in East Africa. It is an international degree aimed at empowering students to solve contemporary global challenges.

This MA programme prepares students for various roles in society such as: Organizational Management, Security & Sustainable Peace, Sustainable Development and Governance. Students also develop an appreciation for the interaction and complementary nature between science and religion.

BA Sustainable Development

The Tangaza University Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sustainable Development is a hands-on, participatory degree programme that focuses on social transformation. This means using knowledge and skills to transform the lives of communities. This course is meant for individuals that are hungry to empower communities while promoting integrity, justice, transparency and equity.

The course also emphasizes the important area of economic development and well-being.